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You might have heard of the eb5 visa, especially if you have an interest in getting into the United States. Considering how sought after a green card for the U.S. is, it is surprising that more immigrants do not take advantage of this program. Imagine not only legally coming into the country within three to six months, but also owning your own business. Most people have trouble getting into America within a few years, let alone finding a job. Being their own boss is more than most people, immigrants or not, would imagine being able to do. However, the eb5 visa offers this choice.

22The process is fast for a green card, and allows approved applicants to bring their spouses and children under age 21 over, as well. Once you qualify for this visa, there is no need to send remittance to your family back in your home country, nor do you need to spend years taking tests before entering the country. There are even a few options within the eb5 visa route, which you should decide on based on your interests and financial situation. There is the traditional eb5 visa, and then there is the eb5 regional center. Deciding on the best one for you requires taking a look at the requirements for each one. The traditional eb5 visa requires you to invest $1 million into a new business in the U.S. Your new company must also employ at least ten American citizens full-time, so it needs to be a certain size to justify that number of employees. This type of card is known as the million dollar green card.Click hereĀ Vision Investcap Private Limited.

If you do not think you could access $1 million at one time, even with a business loan, there is another option to consider. It is the eb5 regional center route, which allows you to open a new business in a targeted employment area. This pathway requires only a $500,000 investment. A targeted area is one that has very high unemployment rates, about one and a half times higher than the nation’s average rate. Targeted areas often have Regional Centers, which are agencies that study and try to improve the economy and job outlook in those areas. There are more than 45 Regional Centers in the United States, with more planned for the future.

You might wonder how to make the important decision between a traditional eb5 visa and the eb5 regional center route. Consider the fact that if you want to have an active role in the new business, such as managing it on your own each day, and want to directly hire ten or more new employees, the traditional eb5 visa would suit you. However, if you want a more passive role that does not require you to be at the business everyday, and one that does not require that you be directly involved in the process of hiring ten new employees, you should consider checking out an eb5 regional center. Whichever path leads to you obtaining a green card and living your dream life in the United States will be the best option.

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