Preparation Before Using Man With a Van

Electrical & small appliances
If possible, use the original boxes in which they were packed in the purchase, and the foam, especially in packaging, sound equipment or computers. To safely packed in new boxes, soft boxes put on the bottom of the same thing to wrap a few layers of paper, plastic bubble, and check the box marked “break.” Package with all remote consoles, not subsumed into that one. Cables, power cables, switches should be packed in one place. This box, which, for example., tools and wire, it should be noted separately. Do not use the instructions in the new hardware may need to place control over. Load and unload the last first.Find more informationman:man with a van dublin

Preparation for transportation of furniture
belsize-park-man-with-van-NW3_21_3Separate bed frames and tie them together. Mattresses and bed trays, spread the use of special bags or boxes. Yes, they will remain clean. Best way screws packed together, that does not mix with each other and not far to seek.

Cover all wooden surfaces of old blankets, blistered film, or better yet, packing blankets. It is protected from scratches. Doors and drawers should be secured, that do not open. Bottom of the cover is not necessary. Do not stick a film on the surface of the good – it is not always easily removes, skinning can damage the surface.

Office, dining, dressing tables, if possible, unscrew the legs and tie them together. Fixtures add to the marked envelope or a plastic box and attach it to the bar table base. If the table legs or other protrusions can not turn away, they should be wrapped in soft material. Drawer and door mats and turn the rope or tape, that without opening or escape.

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