Myths and Facts About Sports Supplements

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This article will be a great place for you to start if you’re new to supplementation. Sports supplements are a broad field and if you’ve been doing your research you already know how important they can be to your performance in the gym or in your sport, but you’re probably also a bit confused with all the information, some of it conflicting. What you need to be able to do is look beyond the advertising hype and be able to make your decision based on current and accurate advice.sports supplements¬†Have a look at sports supplements¬†for more info on this.

As with any new area it’s best to start with the basics. There is a lot of good and bad information out there regarding sports supplements so let’s start simple and go from there.

You really have to look out for bad sports supplement information because if you head down the wrong path you could actually end up harming your efforts. You don’t want to set yourself up with the wrong ideas only to be later disappointed and finding that you’re no better off than when you started and you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the wrong supplements.

So, in order to get off on the right foot let’s look at 2 myths and 2 facts about sports supplements.

Myth #1 – Taking sports supplements is a valid replacement for hard work. While this seems like it should go without saying, you would be surprised how wide spread this belief is. So many people are looking for a quick fix and a way to take short cuts. While sports supplements can help improve your performance they are simply supplements to your hard work in the gym.

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Myth #2 – If I take this supplement I’ll be transformed in just a week or two. While sports supplements can make you stronger, bigger, more muscular and faster in a shorter time than training alone, training is the cornerstone of your efforts and nothing can make a huge difference overnight. Changes to your body from lifting weights is a slow steady progression.

Fact #1 – When taking the right sports supplement you’ll recover faster and be able to work harder. No one likes being sore after working out (well, some of us do, but we’re a different breed). Anything that can reduce the soreness after a workout and let you lift weights again sooner is a benefit to your training.

Fact #2 – There is a right time to take supplements and it can be different for each. Some supplements work better when taken before a work, some work better when taken after. Some supplements should be taken before bed and some should be taken with meals. By learning the proper timing for each of your supplements you can also increase their effectiveness.

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