The Many Uses of a Straight Finish Nailer

If you work in construction or carpentry, a straight finish nailer can easily become an essential in your tool arsenal. A good quality nailer has a magazine that will allow for a wide range of fasteners. It should also have a good grip that will allow you with the most comfort while gripping. Moreinfo

Hitachi Nailgun 1The light weight magnesium housing lends even more versatility and comfort for this irreplaceable tool. When working on a big job, you can set the nailer to sequential fire or contact, and it all depends on what type of nailing you want to do that day. If you use your fastener in the sequential mode, you can set it to perform rapid fire so that the maximum amount of coverage in the least amount of time can be achieved.
There is also a swivel connection on this power tool to lessen the chance of hoses get tangled up. A rafter hook comes along with it too so that it stays out of the way between uses. There are many features that make this tool a “must have” in any man’s tool collection:

-For consistent driving power, it has an internal piston catch
-Magnesium housing to help make this tool lightweight
-Rear loading magazine
-By pass pusher to reload quickly
-Nail jams can be freed easily and no tools required
-Contact or sequential mode can be utilized
-In handle air filter featuring self-cleaning
-Adjustable exhaust
-2 no mar pads included
-Fasteners included
-Rafter hook so it stores easily

A straight finish naileris an absolute must when it comes to performing jobs that require a large amount of fasteners. One of these power tools can lessen the amount of time you have to work, thus putting more money back in to your pockets. Any carpenter or builder who needs to drive nails and fasteners all day can truly appreciate the convenience of this one-of-a-kind tool. They are also now designed with more visibility and protection while it is in use. These nail fasteners can work just as hard as you need them to. Many professionals prefer this type of finish nailer as opposed to their air gun with an air compressor. Nailers are simply more convenient and definitely more time-saving.

mYhzceRNzV-7_z9vCNVLMBgGo online and look at the various hardware stores and you will see these nailers sold by some of your favorite tool manufacturers. Once you get a feel for this incredible tool, there will be no going back for you to the traditional way of nailing fasteners. This convenient tool is here to stay and can useful for so many. Go to a hardware store and feel one first in your hand, you will be hooked for the first time you ever hold this tool. It will quickly become your first tool of choice when fastening nails is on the agenda.

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