Hi Tech & Best Toilet Sit Heater

the this world of very hi tech developments and designs, where manufacturers spend millions of dollars and hundreds of hours in research and development, one item that stands in a class of its very own is the technology, the innovative, the skill, the planning, the desire, the need, the got to have it, the heated toilet seat. It is simply amazing that we can come home to our heated and air conditioned home that is full of all types of really cool, electronic big boy toys, the refrigerator is full of all types of food and drink we did not have to grow or make with our own little hands, and we can go into our private world known as our bathroom and have a heated throne to relax on. best toilet sit heater.

But did mankind stop with this? Oh no but what could possibly add to or even top the heated toilet? Think bidet toilet seat. Think of all the trees we can save by not using all the toilet paper. While some people may think that is just silly, it is true. Now you do not even have to wipe, your toilet will do the cleaning for you and then dry you.

Of course the manufactures have taken all the safety precautions to make sure the unit is safe to use in the bathroom. Of course building codes have been set for the location of the plug ins around water, so just follow the manufactures guide and you should not have any trouble with these low voltage units. The manufactures of the the heated seats state they can be installed in just minutes with out a plumber.

And the choice of colors can change the basic white toilet seat into something as a soothing blue seat to set the mood for total relaxation. How about changing with a contracting color like a black toilet seat. Do not forget the ladies that might want to match there color choice to the pink toilet seat. Although, many people may have a hard time on choosing the elongated or the round toilet seat, it is best to fit the toilet seat to the toilet.

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