Choosing a Paver Contractor For Your Patio Project

Choosing the right paver contractor to install your paver patio can be a challenge. There are a number of questions you should have answered before you commit to a contract.

Here’s a few things to consider when deciding who you’ll choose to install your paver patio.

patio-with-fire-pit-ideas-patio-fire-pit-landscaping-ideas-flagstone-patio-with-fire-pit-pictures-patio-gas-fire-pit-ideas-613x500Before your first meeting have in mind how you intend to use your patio and a budget. Do you want a paver patio for entertaining? A fire pit or barbeque grill station? Do you need a retaining wall to keep you patio level? Budgets are important because they give a contractor guideline to work within. The more information you’re able to give your paver contractor the better he’ll be able to plan your patio project and provide you with an accurate cost of your paver patio. If you have photos of ideas you like keep those available too.If you wish to learn more about this, visit patio contractor.

In the initial meeting you will want to find out as much as you can about the paver contractor. Below are some questions you should ask.

How long have they been installing paver patios similar to your?

Do they have a list of references? It is a great idea to call these references and if possible get permission to go see these projects and talk to their customers.

Paver base preparation is a key factor in every paver project. Ask them how they handle the base preparation. Drainage is also a key factor in every landscape job. Ask them how they plan to handle the drainage.

Do they offer design services?

What is their paver training background? How are their employees trained? Do they attend manufacturer training sessions?

What warranty do they offer? Do the products they recommend have a warranty?

Have they provided you with any manufacturer’s literature and paver pattern options?

Will subcontractors be used on your paver patio? Who are they and how long has the paver contractor been using them?

Do they have liability insurance and are they covered by Workers Compensation? Don’t let a paver contractor’s inexperience, mistake or accident be your responsibility.

Are there any permits required for this job? Whose responsibility is it to get these permits?

What is their timeline and schedule for installing your paver patio? Will the crew that is working on your job be working on another at the same time?

If your paver patio needs a retaining wall does it need engineered due to the soil conditions or unusual loading conditions?

What is their clan-up routine?

Do they have a website?

Research the reputation of the contractor you’re considering. Call their references, check the Better Business Bureau and view recent portfolios.

When receiving an estimate be sure to GET IT IN WRITING. Be specific on all your wants and needs to avoid lots of unexpected extras adding up the cost at the end. Don’t forget to get detailed warranty and guarantee information which could save you money in the future.

iStock_000002068461_Small_resizedWhen comparing paver patio estimates from different contractors review the cost breakdowns carefully. Make sure you’re getting quotes that are based on the same work and materials. Differences in brands, plant sizes and installation procedures can adjust pricing. Also, be sure to verify that all the preparation and clean up routines are similar.

Ask questions. Your goal is to find a contractor who is experienced at installing paver patios similar to yours. Don’t be intimidated to request more information to ensure you understand exactly what is being done and what your final cost will be. A legitimate contractor will be very happy to confirm that you’re comfortable with your arrangement.

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