Best exercises to jump higher – Explained

29Many athletes are always looking for exercises to jump higher. They want to add valuable inches to their vertical jump in order to increase their athletic performance. There are several great exercises to help you jump higher and I will detail them in this article. If you want to jump higher you need exercises that target the proper muscles that are involved in jumping. Not all exercises are conducive to increasing your vertical jump height. Some exercises will build muscle strength but you need to focus on building fast twitch muscle in order to jump higher.

Box jumps are a great vertical jump building exercise. To perform box jumps you simply need a box that is around 1 -2 feet high. Start by standing on one side of the box and proceed to jump over the box and land on the opposite side. Then repeat and jump back to the side you started on. Another exercise to help you jump higher is rim jumps. All you need to perform this exercise is a basketball hoop. Stand in front of the basketball hoop and jump up as high as you can and try to touch the rim. Then as soon as your feet land back on the ground, jump up again trying to touch the rim. Continue these repeated jumps for about 10 reps.

31The last exercise I will go over is the speed rope. Many people discount the benefits of the speed rope but they should not because it is the perfect exercise to help increase your vertical jump. It forces you to make quick and explosive jumps which are great for training to Best exercises to jump higher. All it requires is a jump rope and can be done almost anywhere. These 3 exercises to jump higher are a great starting point for anyone looking to increase their vertical leap. Remember that you always want to be training your fast twitch muscles because they are the ones that will lead to increased jump height.

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